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CCC's 2019 4/20 Equity Mixer a huge success!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Diane Lewis and Douglas Stewart, pictured below, co-hosted a powerful equity event on 4/20 to bring awareness, compassion and alliances to the cannabis industry in Oakland's Jack London Square.

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CCC launches it's first kickoff 4/20 Networking Mixer

Where were you on 4/20/2019? The CCC with sponsors like Camp Green, Greenleef LLC, Diane Lewis Consulting, the Aaron Ford Jr. Foundation and Alistair Monroe of the Beat Generation Exhibition, were gathering in style at the beautiful gallery honoring legendary artist and activist Arthur Monroe in Jack London Square. The day was filled with art, laughter, food, networking, healthy conversations, panelist and a celebration in the fact that over 80 people showed up to talk, learn and share their experiences in and around cannabis.

"It was a beautiful day", says founder Douglas Stewart, who co-hosted the event with Diane Lewis. "It's been time that we bring more awareness around the equity program and Black folks being left behind in this industry and what we are doing about it". Stewart, who also owns two equity cannabis companies, Kurated and Que Charas says "black people are under fire in the industry. We make up less than 1% ownership in the cannabis market which has criminalized, marginalized and tactfully kept us out of the running to this multi-billion dollar industry".

The CCC will be hosting regular monthly mixers, gatherings and special events around Oakland and throughout CA. We encourage more people of color to join, invest and start looking at opportunities to become involved. #blackcannabis, #africa.

The criminalization of marijuana continues

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