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Greenleef sets the stage at Cannabis Equity Summit

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

African American's show up to Oakland's 2nd Annual Equity Summit to show solidarity, support and talk solutions.

Pictured left, Douglas Stewart (CEO/Founder - Greenleef/SpecialTea) tabling at the 2nd Annual Equity Cannabis Summit put on by Make Green Go.

"It was powerful to see like-reflected individuals and business owners in one place with the same goals of success in mind".

We had an opportunity to table with Elevate Oakland, the organization who is funding and managing the loan program for equity companies through the city of Oakland. " We received our first allotment of capital through the program and are eagerly waiting for that next tiered round. It's been a tough road for companies like ours to raise funding. It feels like we're in a marathon in a new race that's been designed for a while and we were just given access to the track when others have prepped, outfitted and a map to the course long before us". Stewart said. "We are determined to make it happen and our confident that our focus, teamwork and integrity will keep us rising to the top!"

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