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Healing communities through cannabis

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Douglas Stewart, CEO of Kurated Canna, Greenleeef Wellness, Que Charas and Founder of the CCC (Colored Cannabis Coalition) is committed to excellence and positive change through cannabis.

Founder and creator of Kurated LLC, Douglas Stewart, has almost an urban legend vibe about him and throughout the community and Bay Area as being an ARTivist, poet, educator, mentor, businessman, musician and Culture Broker as just a few of the monakers that this man carries.  With his voice of Afrocentricity and Unity, having graced the stage with such musical greats as Toni, Tone, Tony recently in 2018 to having performed with other legends such as Tupac Shakur back in the early 90’s, Stewart never stops giving back to the communities from which he supports and he’s become a part of. Originally born in San Mateo, CA, Stewart is a true Bay Area Native having lived and worked throughout most metropolitan cities that make the Bay Area great. With his focus now on making a big splash in the cannabis industry, Stewart is determined to utilize his 20+ years of corporate executive leadership and technical skill sets to forge opportunities of success for his companies, brands and others.

“We are part of one source. We’ve been stripped from our Culture, Values, Arts, Historic Rites and our Medicine. We need to take it back”. - Douglas Stewart

Stewart went through the Oakland equity program, and despite some roadblocks, has successfully micro-licensed two companies and secured over 2,500 square feet of real estate where operations are being built out for manufacturing, distribution, delivery and a host of brands, including his highly anticipated teas and other beverage lines which have already received rave reviews after being market tested locally.

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